History of ERTA

The year of company foundation

Graduates of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and ex-employees of “gas division” of Mintopenergo of Russian Federation in December 1999 decided to found the company “ERTA-consult”, which later evolved into an Analytical Group ERTA (Energy, Regulation, Transport, Analytics).


In this period, we started to provide consulting and information services at gas and oil industry, carried out expertise of heat supply projects, took part in solving of problems about regulation of natural monopolies (oil, gas, electricity).
As a result, we started to land on our own feet.

Sustainable development

When we gained the stability, we widened the service range and the list of solving tasks, including: analytics in a field of regulation of natural monopolies and subsoil use, construction and modification of an infrastructural tariffs systems (oil, gas, rail transportation), modeling of gas transportation and electric power systems of Russia, expertise of projects in a field of fuel and energy complex, heat and electric power.


AG ERTA continued its development and started to work in a new sphere:

  • Fuel Audit (optimization of the fuel supply of facilities systems);
  • we had started to develop the system of suburban electric train tickets tariffication, using mass questioning of the passengers;
  • had started to solve the cases, connected with restructuring of electrical-networking businesses.

Like the other companies, AG ERTA lived through its “midlife crisis” and found out the most interesting things to work at – development of concrete regulatory instruments and corresponding legal acts, consulting of the companies about the concrete industrial projects.
Moreover, we are proud that during this period we became a source of highly qualified specialists for a number of state departments, international consulting and Russian industrial companies.

New times – new aims

We did not stop to move forward. Without stopping down, we decided to try to solve new ambitious tasks. With the pleasure we can tell you about some cases, that were solved during this period, and new spheres of working:

  • consulting assistance to the Administration of one of East-Siberian region of Russia about the launch of “new gasification” process;
  • identifying the ways and parameters of monetization of natural gas, that is planned to be produced in a new field and analysis of technical and economical expediency of the building of low-tonnage LNG plant;
  • preparation of the inference documents about the possibility of change of the state regulation of the “Transneft” company working in a field of providing services in the transportation of petroleum products using trunk pipelines;
  • development of the new calculation method of the tariffs on the services connected with transportation of the gas using trunk pipelines (entry-exit system).

During this passed years we did a lot of work. However, not all things we wanted to do. We have many ambitious goals, which we aim to, we have very interesting (but for now unrealized) ideas, projects and offers. And, of course, we have you, dear clients. Former, present and future.  We are sure, that our relationships will continue and expand.

Yours respectfully,